The Largest Fashion and Lifestyle E-commerce in Latin America

At Dafiti Brazil everyone breathes fashion and technology. We are the largest e-commerce for fashion and lifestyle in Latin America with more than 1700 employees and branches in Argentina, Chile, Colombia and Mexico. We offer over 70,000 products and brands in an innovative and fun manner.


With only a few clicks, customers will find a wide selection of products to choose from that can be shipped throughout all of Brazil in a timely manner. We have shoes, clothes, bags, accessories, sport products, beauty products and the list goes on. As an e-commerce leader in Latin America, Dafiti is enhancing the digital shopping experience with simplicity, personalization and customer engagement. The company is applying innovative technologies such as the Social-ID Marketing Platform to attract new customers and attain customer loyalty.

Dafiti Social Login

Using social login to increase purchasing conversion

According to e-commerce statistics, 20% of customers abandon their shopping carts because they want to avoid the sometimes long and confusing registration process. Dafiti is using the social login to solve this problem and to impact purchasing conversion. The social login simplifies the process of creating an account because customers no longer need to remember an extra login/password and it also helps to automatically fill out registration forms.

Personalization Dafiti

Website Personalization and Product Recommendation

When customers use the social login, they grant Dafiti permission to capture their social profile to be used for personalized messages, product recommendations and a personalized website. Statistics say that 55% of customers would return to a personalized website.

Dafiti Header

The Social-ID Platform integrates into Dafiti’s recommendation engine to use data from their social profile to offer the right product while customers visit the website.

Customer engagement

Customer engagement based on
Instagram and Facebook’s “selfie”

The Social-ID Platform creates engagement using a customer’s “selfie” picture which is posted to Instagram and Facebook. It’s a genuine customer endorsement for the product. A customer takes a selfie of a product purchased at Dafiti and posts the picture on Instagram or Facebook with the #dafiti hashtag. The Social-ID Platform captures all the pictures associated with the hashtag and then Dafiti selects their favorite pictures to be posted on their website.

Dafiti Instagram

Dashboard for Content Moderation

Dashboard for Content Moderation

The Social-ID Platform offers a dashboard for the marketing team to select what pictures will be posted on the company’s website. The interface is simple and easy to use.

Dafiti Moderation

Live Database Dafiti

Creating the Customer Identity “Live” Database for Dafiti

The Social-ID Platform captures Dafiti’s customers’ social profile and create the customer identity “live” database for personalized engagement and to offer a single customer view.

Dafiti Database
  • Save the customer’s social profile into a “live” customer identity database
  • The “live” customer identity database creates a single and updated customer view
  • Synchronizes the database to social networks
  • Makes social data available for automatic login, website or mobile app customization, product recommendation, etc.
  • Enables rich analysis for customer insight and marketing strategies
  • Offers rich reports that includes: Gender, Relationship Status, Birthday, Education, Work Position, Top Likes, Location



The social login has simplified Dafiti’s registration process by helping customers access their accounts. It captures the customers’ social profile to be used for website and message personalization and therefore creating a more customized shopping experience. Customers are actively engaged in posting their selfie picture on Instagram and Facebook, which has resulted in increased customer engagement for Dafiti.